Machine56 M56SC-F6 Varsity Jacket

Although it seems this post was meant to showcase the HELMET from Machine56 but in actual fact, it’s the Black on Black version of the M56 StreetClassic series heavy built varsity Jacket that is currently on sale on www.5060.bigcartel.com, with the M56SC-F6 priced at US$195. But the helmet is uber-awesome still … CHECK IT!

02M56SC/F6 5060.bigcartel.com

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Retro-er-than-Retro Street Fighter Arcade Game



ELBOW Portable Cassette Player

A slice of “retro” for the Future - with “ELBOW” being a next-generation portable cassette player concept, designed to bring the audio cassette back to prominence. Relive the glory of the 80s-90s with a revival/reboot!

Currently in prototype stage, here is a video and a selection of images to whet you tech gadget-loving appetites - with all images and future updates via their Facebook Page.

"ELBOW was first conceived by the audiovisual art duo BrainMonk as a cool side-project. Tired of the industry-dominating smart devices and touch screens, the designers wanted to create something immediate and tactile. For the life-long music fans, a cassette player seemed like the perfect project to stretch creative muscles and innovate.

ELBOW design concept, which condensed portable player to it's bare essence, has been well received by the design community (winning two competition awards) and cassette tape aficionados. Now ELBOW has entered prototype stage, where we are figuring out the physical and financial realities of the project."

TAYBLES: The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table

Modern Design Just Got a Retro Look! The Cassette Tape Coffee Table is built to scale with a whiteboard top & hidden storage, with TAYBLES: The Original Cassette Tape Coffee Table now on Kickstarter!

Ending March 21st, 2017, the campaign has since gone beyond the initial US$35,000 goal, with the tally now at over US$111,000.

Head to www.taybles.com for availability beyond Kickstarter.

I’m not a huge fan of having a “coffee table” (*Not that I “despise” it, I just don;t need a coffee table where I’m at :p), BUT it would be utter retro-bossilicious to blog on a cassette tape study table!!!



PRESS: "To celebrate Kong as a great icon of cinema and pop culture and the release of Legendary Pictures' adventure movie, "KONG : SKULL ISLAND", A BATHING APE® or BAPE® teamed up with Legendary Pictures for the first time to launch a new collaboration collection : A BATHING APE® x KONG : SKULL ISLAND.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' "KONG : SKULL ISLAND" reimagines the origin of the mythic Kong in a compelling, original adventure starring Tom Hiddleston, Oscar winner Brie Larson and Toby Kebbell. Expect to find item lineup consists of pullover hoodie, sweatshirt and t-shirt which combine the KONG SKULL HEAD and APE HEAD design in this collaboration collection.

In United States, the items will be launched at BAPE STORE® NEW YORK and US.BAPE.COM. While in Japan, items will be available at BAPEXCLUSIVE™ AOYAMA, BAPEXCLUSIVE.”

KONG APE HEAD CREWNECK (Colors: GRAY / BLACK) at ¥18,000+TAX each.
KONG APE HEAD TEE (Colors:BLACK / WHITE) at ¥7,800+TAX each.

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ASTRO CRASH Pin by Josh Divine x StrangeCat Toys

From Josh Divine (Illustrator, designer and concept artist working at Kidrobot) comes a 1.5" Hard Enamel Pin named “ASTRO CRASH” - showing the boy robot taking a “bad landing”, with this 250-pcs run pin available Friday 3/10 at 10am EST. on strangecattoys.com!


Jetpack Rockets Are Now!

Power Pink Can for MONTANA-CANS by Buff Monster

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Available to order on BuffMonster.com (10am EST) are POWER PINK CAN for Montana Cans by Buff Monster. “Artist Branded Spraycans”, folks!

"Of course, it’s every graffiti writers dream to have their own can of paint. Of course, I haven’t painted graffiti in a LONG time, but I do use spray paint for all the murals that I create. MONTANA-CANS has the best pinks on the market so it was natural I’d collaborate with them on this project.

The artwork for the can was originally drawn by hand (with a brush, as usual) and then it was carefully colored on the computer. Although it might be hard to see in the photos, I let as much of the silver of the metal can show through the design.

Each can will be signed by me. Each order will be shipped ground, so if you live outside of the contiguous United States, you’ll just have to look for the unsigned cans in your local paint store."
- shared Buff Monster.